Dog Walking Middays (recurring)

  • $17.00 for 30 min visit
  • $25.00 for 45 min visit
  • $30.00 for 1 hr. visit

Hugs and Loves will give your dog the companionship and exercise needed while you are at work. Sometimes dogs tend to get bored from insufficient exercise and start engaging in destructive or hyper behaviors. As the saying goes, a tired dog is a well-behaved and happy dog. Making sure your dog gets enough exercise each day is an effective way to prevent bad behaviors such as; "shredding a couch" or "eating your favorite pair of shoes". We provide the excersise your dog needs to pass the time while you are at work. This is idea if you are working long hours. Outdoor exercise also provides socialization opportunities.


  • $18.00 per 30 min visit
  • $25.00 per 45 min visit
  • $30.00 per 1 hr. visit

Going out of town? Hugs and Loves offers visits to your pet at home, eliminating the stress that boarding and sleeping out, may cause to "man's best friend", your Kitties or any other pet your household has :). We will come to your house and care for your pet while you are away, continuing their daily routine per your instructions. The visits include providing water, food, exercise and any special needs such as medication, brushing and of course playing with them. This service is offered for Dogs and Cats. Dogs usually need 2-3 visits per day and Cats 1-2. We also provide house sitting services such as picking up the newspaper and mail, alternating lights, opening and closing blinds to ensure your home looks "lived in" while you are away.

Overnights in your Home

  • 10 hour........$65.00
  • 11 hour........$75.00
  • 12 hour........$85.00
  • 14 hour........$95.00

Hugs and Loves has well qualified and loving sitters that will stay at you home overnight to do their evening feed, take your pets out for that last Potty break, and tuck them in… These visits are excellent for your furry kids that have anxiety issues due to seperation or just like to have someone to cuddle with them when they sleep. It can be an idea option for that Puppy that still needs a middle of the night potty break. Give your Baby a great sleep over Party while you are away. Our sitters will rise early, take them on that nice walk, and feed them breakfast. We make sure they are all set for the day… We can return for a midday visit and continue the overnights for as long as needed.

Round The Clock Care In Your Home

  • 24-7........$125.00 per 24hr

One of our sitters will stay with your pet and make your home their base while you are away. *Great for seniors, pets that are not used to staying alone, disabled pets or multiple pet families. Many of our Furry Friends don't like being alone or have to go out more often, or even perhaps are on Medications. Whatever the reason we will Stay in your home during the time you are away and take care of all of your Pets 24/7.

Pet Taxi

  • $25.00 per trip and up to 5 mile radius
  • $1.00 for each mile over
  • Fees apply for wait times

Are you stuck at work or traveling? Does your pet need to go to the groomer, vet, or any other appointment? Hugs and Loves offers pet transportation services; we will take your pet and bring them back home to ensure they are safe and happy.

In-Home Dog Boarding

Rate Prices will depend on Weight
Call us at Hugs and Loves to see if we have a loving home available for your happy, friendly Fur baby!


  • Rush booking (for bookings after 8pm or on the same day): $10
  • Extra dog (3 and up): $3/per dog
  • Holidays*: $5 per visit / $10 for major holidays; Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years

*Holidays:  Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve , New Years.