Hi, I am looking forward to meeting all of your Pets. I myself have found this so rewarding....Everyone of your pets becomes like one of my own, so I feel I have so many fur babies in my life. I have the most wonderful campanions myself, "Rockster" my mixed breed rescue, I have had for 15 years; he is my shadow and keeps me company all the time. My Cat "Fat Cat" has been with us for 18 years and is just a ball of furry love! And our newest addition is "Bun Bun", our rescued cotton tail bunny that has brought such laughs and joy with all his crazy antics :) I have been in the pet sitting industry for years now and each year just gets better with all the fur babies I meet that enrich my life!



Hi, I have always had a variety of pets in my home, from Dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, hampster's.....You name it I have brought them home (parents loved me for that) and cared and loved them all dearly. I am currently owned by my kitty, "Mamma"... I rescued her after someone let her go and she has become my constant companion and never leaves my side when I am home. I have been petsitting for family and friends for many years and started pet sitting for clients several years ago. I will be here to take care of your furry kids as if they were my own, promise to not take them home:)



A lifelong animal lover and pet owner, I've had the pleasure of loving a variety of pets over the years. These include cats, dogs, a pair of Cockatiels, a rabbit, a parakeet, and tropical fish. I've had many of these pets as an adult, so I have experience with caring for all types of animals. I am currently a proud pet mommy to Oliver a sweet Maltese & Lira a darling Jack Russell Terrier, both rescues. Serving the Lutz/Tampa Palms/New Tampa/Carrollwood areas, I look forward to meeting you and your pet(s)!



Hi, I am a retired nurse and I Had my own greyhound kennel where I board and breed greyhounds for 5 years. I live in the Hudson area and have been in Florida for many years. Since I am retired and married to a “serial Golfer” I have a lot of free time.. I Love all animals and look forward to caring for yours.


Diana K

Hi, As a child, I was a tomboy competing against my 2 brothers. They tested my courage with snakes, frogs, bugs and worms. I disappointed them when I was not afraid of anything they threw at me. I have had a snake, a lizard, a Bunny, dogs and cats. I have a Siamese Fighting Fish named Emerson and three Cats that currently oown me. Dax is a Black and White maine Coon mix. Spike is grey and white Tabby. Samantha is Black with gorgeous gold eyes and rules as Queen over my 2 males. Samantha is my Steeler Cat because her coloring is the sam as Steeler Uniform colors.I am originally from Pittsburg, PA and once a Steeler fan, always a Steeler fan but I have lived in Florida for the past 31 years. I believe that animals are a good judge of character and animals usually take to me right away. I look forward to meeting you and your Pets. Rest assured I will care for them as my own.




Hi, I was raised in Central Florida and was spending time on farms and riding horses even before I could walk. I have always had a huge love and strong bond with animals of all kinds over the years. I have been the proud parent of all kinds of pets including hampsters, rabbits, iguanas, chinchillas, turtles, salt and fresh water fish, small and large breed dogs and cats. I have been a pet sitter for many years now, caring for birds, fish, cats and dogs (including those with special needs). Currently I am Mommy to a 7 year old Min Pin named Lola and a 23 year old red-eared Slider Turtle named Kerbi. But I must admit my 17-year-old cat named Tori runs the house. I look forward to meeting and loving all of your Fur Babies.