About Us Here At Hugs And Loves Pet Sitting



Hugs and Loves is commited to giving your pets the best care available. We call it personalized care because we know each pet is different and each owner is different. We strive to maintain the same routine you have established for your pet in order to lessen any aniexty your pet may feel during your absence. If you give you pet breakfast in bed, we will give your pet breakfast in Bed. We want to do all the things that you do to make your pet feel Loved and cared for.



A Little About The Owners Of Hugs And Loves



Diana…………Having been in the Pet Care Industry for years and being a Mum to many pets now and over the years, I know how important it is to feel secure with the person I have left my fur babies with when I am away myself.

I am currently lucky enough to be owned by Rockster (our mixed 15 year old rescue pup), Fat Cat (our 18 year old Maine Coon) and Bun Bun (our rescued cotton tail Bunny). Having your pets to care for as well enriches my life.


Doug …………Having been in the Services industry for 27 years and owning Hotel Resorts, I have learned it is very important to meet the customer’s needs. All of the Hotels have been Pet friendly which I know is such an important factor to customers that want to travel with their pets.

I have been rewarded in my life with Beauty, Lady, Kidd, Coon and Taishon; all beautiful Sheppard/Husky mixes given forever homes with my family.



Benefits Of Personalized Pet Sitting



Pet Parents Know their pets best and know that there is no place like Home, where most pets find safe and secure in their own inviorment. Home is where they see Mum & Dad and their human siblings. Home is where all their toys are located and their favorite Bowls are filled each day!Home has all the familiar smells. Home is where they feel safe and Loved!

This is why we come to you! We come to the place where your babies are their happiest and we try to brighten their day while you are away! Many wait by the front door in anticipation of our arrival each day just like they do for you when you return home each evening after work or return from a trip!

Our Clients always let us know how happy their babies are when they arrive home and we know with our visits to their "safe Place' they are less stressed and happy and secure. By using our Professional Pet Sitting Services you can arrive home to a relaxed, excersized, stress-free furry kid!



We want to give back to your's what we have always given to our own pets, giving you the security of leaving your pets in our caring hands.